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What is a Discord server?

A Discord server is basically a group chat on the Discord platform that can be organised into different channels, or chats, which members with different roles can access. For example, there’s a channel for discussions containing spoilers for new episodes that only people who want to know the spoilers can see!

Information about the Adventures in Opinions server

The Adventures in Opinions Discord server is meant to be a place where Adventures in Odyssey fans can connect and get to know one another over our shared love of the best audio drama series. Before you start sharing links to Odyssey content, discussing your favourite episodes, and other things we do ask that you read through the rules so as to help us with fostering a safe and loving, Christ-loving community!

The Staff of the Adventures in Opinions Discord server are friendly and ready to help, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns just reach out to one of us!

@JaySmouse#8206 | Server Manager | The Founder
@John Tuttle III#3358 | Administrator | Friendly Staff Member
@Kotlclvr13#7955 | Administrator | Friendly Staff Member
@CarlTEN25#3595 | Moderator | Maintainer of a fun and safe environment


1: No swearing (including euphemisms, abbreviations, and acronyms)
2: No spamming
3: No saying certain things (if Connie, Wooton, or Eugene wouldn’t say it, then probably don’t say it).
4: Keep spoilers in #⚠|spoilers. The policy for whether or not something is deemed a spoiler is as follows: if the mainstream episode has not yet aired on the radio, information regarding the episode is a spoiler. If the club episode after the one you are discussing has not yet been released, it is a spoiler (keep discussions for the current months’ club episode in #⚠|spoilers).
5: Keep controversial topics/discussions in #🔥|debate. Even in debates, be respectful towards those who have a different opinion than you. Admins reserve the right to decide whether or not a topic is considered controversial.
6: Don’t mention @everyone or @here. If you need to notify people about something, use @notifications.
7: No advertising of other Discord servers.
8: No doxing. This means that if a person has not shared details about their location, their name, their relatives, their physical appearance, or their picture, then do not share that information.
9: Listen to Adventures in Odyssey!

Again, here’s a link to join the server:

Remember to have fun and use kind words!