The full story of how John got Kevin McCreary on the Babylon Bee podcast is the highlight of our first episode. We also discuss what we didn’t like in the new story arc featuring Olivia in Album 71 as well as letting you know how we first started listening to Adventures in Odyssey and what the first fan podcasts we listened to were, and a few tube many Innerside jokes. All that and more, on the first episode of Adventures in Opinions!

Clarification: I had listened to the ScoopCast before the AIO Wiki Podcast, but I binged all the episodes of the ScoopCast after I had heard the AIO Wiki Podcast.

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The Babylon Bee

Kevin McCreary on The Babylon Bee: Christian Movies, Nicolas Cage, and Say Goodnight Kevin | The Kevin McCreary Interview

The ScoopCast

The Inner Tube

Say Goodnight Kevin

Josh Taylor’s YouTube channel

Rebelde’s blog


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John on Joshua’s Blog: Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)