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Connie is going to Chicago to see her friend Penny’s art in a gallery. Wooton, Penny’s husband, had gloated to Connie that Penny had some grandiose art on display at the gallery. Connie laughed thinking of the time that Penny had painted a painting onto one of their walls back while they were roommates. Penny certainly had her idiosyncrasies, but she was a good friend. About half an hour later, after getting lost in her thoughts, Connie reached downtown Chicago. “Yowza! Maps” has taken her into an area of town that seems vaguely familiar. She is directed down an alley in between two warehouses by her phone. The engine stops working. Connie tries to start the car again, but she realizes that she’s out of gas. Oh great! I’m stuck between these creepy warehouses and I’ll be late to get to Penny’s art gallery — again! She turns off the GPS directions on her phone and attempts to call Penny. There’s no signal, though, so she opens the car door and steps outside to get better reception. As soon as she stepped out of her car, the door to one of the warehouses opened and a man stepped out. At first Connie didn’t recognize him, but she soon recognized that it was the infamous Richard Maxwell. 

“Connie! What are you loitering around here for?” he asked, surprised to see her.

“I was going to see a friend’s art at a local gallery, but my car broke down — I ran out of gas,” she replied. 

Even though Richard had turned from working for the evil Blackgaard, Connie was a bit afraid of him because of his past actions. He moved toward her and she subconsciously stepped back. 

Richard stopped, “Are you scared of me?” 

He laughed as if it were the most unreasonable thing. 

“No, no. I just— I thought— What are you doing here?” 

“I can’t say, exactly. I’m just checking up on Blackgaard’s ol’ warehouse and doing some investigating.”

For who? she wondered, but pushed the thought out of her mind. Instead, she asked if he could help her get to a gas station to fill up her car.

“I happen to have a jerrycan in the back of my car. Wait here: I’ll go get it,” replied Richard.

He left and Connie was alone in the alley again. Rats ran along the walls and she shrieked and stepped back into her car. A harrowing, disgusting cat came out of it’s hovel behind some garbage bins and chased one of the rats. A few minutes later, Richard came back. Connie filled up her car and thanked Richard. She made it to the art gallery only half an hour late, glad that she wasn’t late to see Penny’s art a second time.