We are Wyatt and Devon, and this podcast will focus on reviewing Adventures in Odyssey episodes. Listen in for an exciting new perspective on episodes of Adventures Into Odyssey.

– Official Description


Adventures into Odyssey is a podcast run by two Canadian teens, Wyatt Jackson and Devon Marshall. The podcast was started by Wyatt on the 31st of March 2020, and Devon first came on May 27th. The podcast has released quite consistently, with a new episode almost every week. Wyatt started the podcast with reviews of Terror from the Skies and A Victim of Circumstances, then jumped into the Leonard Meltsner Saga. After finishing the Leonard Meltsner episodes, they recorded six episodes not relating to a particular saga. They are currently covering the Eugene and Katrina Saga.

The podcast is very well done in terms of episode note-taking and the actual reviews. The production quality has increased significantly since the first episode. The addition of a second host, Devon Marshall also dramatically increased the enjoyability of the podcast, with the two hosts now being capable of bouncing off of each other and going down rabbit trails.

Positive Elements

With a relatively large number of AIO podcasts being made by adults who are returning to Odyssey, this podcast gives a refreshing perspective from a couple of individuals who are closer in age to Odyssey‘s target audience. Also, because of the nationalities of Wyatt and Devon, you can find out what AIO is from a Canadian perspective. Wyatt and Devon take a similar approach to their podcast as Dylan and Andrew of the WODFAMCHOCPOD, but with their own twist. If you like the format of the WODFAMCHOCPOD, you should definitely give Adventures into Odyssey a listen.

Spiritual Elements

Devon and Wyatt’s worldviews align mostly with the ideas of Focus on the Family. As of episode twenty-two of the podcast, they don’t get into really controversial topics. They do, however, dig into the morals presented by the episodes that they review. They criticize negative elements of the episode Addictions Can be Habit-Forming, for example. They are generally positive, though. Their discussions of the morals encourage you to think, and that’s one of the things I like about Adventures into Odyssey.


This podcast is very clean. I would be greatly surprised to hear any kind of foul language on Adventures into Odyssey.


I’ll use my final words about this podcast to recommend it to you. I think that if you are much older than the target audience of AIO then you’ll find it interesting to hear what young people think about the show. On the other hand, if you’re closer to their age yourself, you’ll like the podcast as the thoughts of peers. It is a very well done podcast and definitely deserves your listens.


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