You might be an AIO fan if…

  • If when you see or hear the word “nostalgia” you think of Izak Bulten
  • If when you see the word “Too” you mentally correct it to “ToO”
  • If your home page is the Recent Changes page (I know you know what I mean)
  • If when you think of social media, the first thing you think of is FaceBase
  • If you have at least two headphones
  • If there is still an old AIO cassette in your car even though you upgraded your car’s player to a CD player
  • If the word “Lock” reminds you of some great wacky artwork
  • If you randomly hum the AIO theme and your friends ask what song it is
  • If you’ve ever said, “Well paint me red and call me a barn!”
  • If your first concept of a half hour directly correlated to the length of an Odyssey episode
  • If you finished that last one in your head before you read it all and know where it came from

Special thanks to Riley Davison for #4