As some of you might already know, I have some thoughts about the Rydell Saga. I’ve written posts about this before, an example being my Further from the Truth post. Now here are even Morrie of my Rydell Saga Thoughts (see what I did there?):

Idea I: Morrie is innocent

Morrie is obviously involved somehow, evidenced by the facts that Morrie is the one who sets up the fake mystery in The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse and Morrie is the voice in A Sacrificial Escape. I think most of us agree that Morrie is involved to some extent, and that he is not the only person behind all of these “things”, as Morrie puts it in The Rydell Revelations, Part 1.

Maybe he’s a confused kid looking for answers. He wants to know the meaning of “good” and wants to know what the “truth” is. He wants to know what is truly good. That being said, I think there is still great potential for an exciting mystery in this saga. There is probably something between Suzu and their parents happening, or, between Morrie and their parents. Neither parent has ever showed up or even been mentioned by anyone. Not even Whit has mentioned their parent(s). This mysterious relationship problem between Morrie (or Suzu) and the Rydell parents could have to do with when things went awry (“We don’t want things to go… awry again.” -Suzu, The Key Suspect). This likely happened whilst they were in Asia, presumably Japan, and somehow led to Mr. Rydell being forced to give up his position as an Ambassador or at least take a break. Now we’re in Odyssey and Morrie is genuinely concerned that Suzu was kidnapped. He didn’t go to his parents about it, but to someone he knew he could trust: Whit. He believes that Emily kidnapped Suzu, and while I definitely don’t think Emily actually kidnapped Suzu, whatever was on that phone would have convinced most people that that was the case.

Even if he is bad, he’s got to be the Richard Maxwell to the Regis Blackgaard or the Arthur Dent to the Bennett Charles. Or maybe, as I’m inclined to believe, not bad at all. A quote from The Key Suspect caught my attention. Suzu said something like this:

I want to do the right thing […] for our family.

Suzu Rydell

That makes me think even more strongly that there have been some bad things going on in the family, whether family members themselves are/were bad or they just fell on hard times, there is definitely some drama there. I believe that that will be explored in The Rydell Revelations, and was already hinted at, if not touched upon, in the preview.

Idea II: Morrie is very involved

In contrast to my first idea, this one tries to build an argument that Morrie is definitely involved. I don’t have as much in this idea, other than that the episodes seem to assume or suggest that Morrie is bad. Here Morrie would be working for someone else with some bigger master plan (maybe it has to do with the portable Imagination Station). We know that this is not connected to Blackgaard or Novacom, and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t make sense with other villains such as Dalton Kearn and Jebediah Skint.

Suzu can tell that Morrie is up to something, and knows more than she’s letting on, but she doesn’t know everything. She is trying to convince Morrie to stop whatever he’s doing while attempting to figure it out. Now, her quote “We don’t want things to go… awry again.” takes on a new meaning. With this idea in mind, one could assume that Morrie has done similar things when they previously lived in Asia (I’m assuming in Japan). Maybe whatever he did even cost his father his job as an ambassador for the United States, and that’s why they moved to Odyssey.

What do you think Morrie is up to? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet @jay_smouse to let me know if you have any MOR(E)rie ideas or evidence for either of the above ideas.