Story – This is the first episode of the first real arc in Adventures in Odyssey. That arc is, of course, the Connie Arc. It was great to hear “old” Connie again. The conflict between Connie and Whit was also good, something we haven’t heard in a long time.

Humour – I don’t remember anything that really stood out to be very funny, but Connie trying to pronounce the Bible names at the Bible Bowl was on the humorous side.

Moral – The moral for this episode was fine, but it just didn’t seem very memorable to me.

Acting – Katie Leigh is amazing. Connie’s voice has stayed the same for decades of AIO episodes. The chemistry between Katie and Hal Smith was wonderful!

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Continuity – This episode marks the beginning of the Connie Arc, which later gets partially intertwined with the Blackgaard Chronicles with A Bite of Applesauce and Connie Goes to Camp, Parts 1 & 2.

Characters – The character of Connie is well written in this episode. I wondered why they didn’t just make Jimmy be Bobby later on, because they both have the same actor and both like Connie.

Believability – The story was, for the most part, realistic. The only part I might have trouble believing actually could happen is Connie doing the Bible Bowl. At this point in her life she was not a Christian, and thought it was bad that Mr. Whittaker was “religious.”

Sound design – The sound designers did a good job on letting me know where we were. I didn’t notice anything superbly well-done, and I reserve the 100% on sound design for those cases.

Music – In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a music guy. I didn’t notice anything real good or bad about it, but you might have. You can comment about anything in this review or episode!