You know you are a Kids Corner fan when

  • you learned what a who asked joke was from Morrie.
  • you are scared to pray for your favourite team to win.
  • you wonder if the Lizards are 6 feet tall.
  • you sing “God in Control” and make it the anthem of your micronation. (from a relative)
  • you tried to put grasshoppers on a milkshake.
  • you know that skinks and anoles are types of reptiles.
  • you know “A Simple Reminder” is basically Everything New from Kids Corner.
  • you find money lying around, you look around for an old lizard spying on you.
  • you think Liz has a flip phone.
  • you track the progressions of tech through kids corner. (Desktop Computer -> Flip Phone -> Smartphone)
  • you are confused by Spikes’ Dad being nice in one episode, then always yelling at Spike in all the other episodes.

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