All items on this list were submitted by readers of Adventures in Opinions in comments on previous You Might be an AIO Fan It… posts and tweets. If you would like to submit your own sign of AIO fanaticism, you can do so by leaving one in the comments on this post, or tweeting me @jay_smouse with the hashtag #youmightbeanaiofanif! Now, you might be an AIO fan if…

  • every time someone mentions the US state of Alaska you think of a licorice-loving mailman. (Ty)
  • when someone asks who your favourite actor is you say a voice actor. (Odyheyrfan)
  • the only reason you know the word “yeet” is because of AIO Audio News. (Odyheyrfan)
  • most of your emails are from AIO sites. (Odyheyrfan)
  • you’ve ever said “stuff me with feathers and call me a pillow.” (@jackson_danner)
  • all your passwords are Odyssey-related. (@jackson_danner)
  • every time someone says a hard to understand sentence you think they sound like Eugene. (SoKeefer)
  • you spend more time with your headphones than with your friends (Odyheyrfan)
    • that’s a sad one, that hopefully isn’t true for most of you!
  • you’ve renamed Alexa to “Computer” (bob bob)
    • inspiration: “The Present Long Ago”

You might be an Odyssey and [an American football] fan if…

  • anytime someone mentions the NFL Falcons you think about Eugene. The Falcons Quarter Back name is Matt Ryan and Eugene’s actor name is Will Ryan (Odyheyrfan)
  • when someone says the name Cooper in relation to football you only think of Cooper Calhoun. (adapted from submission by Odyheyrfan)