If you’ve ever wanted to go into dark mode on the Adventures in Odyssey Club, this is the browser extension for you! Created by DroopCat, this browser extension transforms the Club blog posts and comments section into a clean, easy-to-look-at, dark page.

How to Install In Chrome

1. Download the extension

Here is the link to DroopCat’s original browser extension, “AIO Skint-Mode.”

I edited a version of the extension to make the Club comments appear as if they have no borders, where the background (behind the white text) is the same black as the background colour for the whole page. You can download my tweaked version of DroopCat’s extension here, and follow the same installation steps as for the original. All I changed was one line of CSS to change the colour of the comment box.

If you need help choosing between the two, here’s what they look like.

Again, here are the download links:



2. Extract your files

The file you’ve downloaded is a zipped folder with a CSS and json file in it. You’ll need to “unzip” the folder by right-clicking on it in your file navigation program (i.e. File Explorer, Finder, Dolphin, etc) and then clicking “Extract all” (that’s the name of the option in File Explorer, and it should be similar in other programs).

3. Turn on developer mode

These steps will now be a bit different for Firefox, but you’ll probably be able to figure it out. To enable loading your own extensions into Chrome, you need to enable developer mode. To do this go to chrome://extensions. Toggle on the switch in the top right of your window, as shown:

Developer Mode is in the “off” position in this screenshot. It needs to be turned on.

4. Load the extension into Chrome

Now a few new options will show up. One of those options is a button in the upper left of your screen that says “Load unpacked.” Click that button, as shown:

Developer Mode is now on, and “Load unpacked” is now an option.

Choose the folder you “unzipped” in step 2. That’s it, you’ve just installed AIO Skint-Mode, the dark mode extension for the Club! You can now go to the Club and try it out.

5. Result

The result should look something like this, if you used the original extension:

AIO Skint-Mode on Club comments section

Or like this if you used my version:

My version of AIO Skint-Mode on Club comments section

Let me know which one you liked better! I plan to do more posts like this where I share resources and/or tutorials for AIO fans. If you like this post, you might also like my post “How to Record and Automatically Edit Commentary in Audacity.” That’s it for now! Don’t forget to subscribe for more AIO fan content!