In keeping with the tradition of the first anniversary post, I’m setting the post image of this post to simply an image of the current Adventures in Opinions logo, and naming it in the same format.

It’s been quite a year for Adventures in Opinions. There have been milestones. There have been more audio posts in 2021 than in 2019 and 2020. I posted every day for 31 days this past summer. And there’s been lots of support from you, our readers and listeners. For all of that, thank you. (some of the support I mentioned can be seen in this video)

Now, for those of you interested in statistics and what’s happened in this past year for Adventures in Opinions, read on:



We hit 10,000 views this year. 10k views is a pretty major milestone. I remember when AIO Audio News hit 10k views, and Michael has put out so much quality content since then, making AIO Audio News one of the best Adventures in Odyssey podcasts.


In the second year of Adventures in Opinions, we smashed the milestone of 100 posts. This is the 140th post on Adventures in Opinions.

Posting every day for 31 days in a row was also quite the experience. In that time I put out some of my favourite posts, like my first-ever audio documentary ([DAY 15] Audio Documentary: How Audio Dramas Are Made), the accompanying written post ([DAY 8] How Audio Dramas are Made | Full Research Paper) and my in-depth dive into where Voice of Freedom is set ([DAY 17] Where EXACTLY Does Voice of Freedom Take Place?).

New Series

The Adventures in Opinions podcast launched near the end of the year, and so far we’ve put out 5 full-length podcast episodes with a couple of extras on the site. You can listen to the podcast here.

AIO Meme Review and AIO Audio Memes were also started this year. There will probably be a third meme review sometime next year, though there are currently no new meme reviews or audio memes in the works.

AIO Street Talk launched this year as well, with #1: Dave and the Whole Rydell Mess. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I recommend that you do so! It’s my only podcast episode recorded with another guest who’s with me in person, so the audio quality suffered due to not having a second microphone.

Other Noteworthy Things

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adventures in Opinions reached #1 ranking on Google for the search term “adventures in opinions” a few months back and has held that place ever since, even getting an information blurb on the right side of the Google results screen at one point.

Social Media

Soon after that, I began to use Instagram to promote the blog and podcast. If you’re reading this from Instagram, thanks for coming over here, and please do let me know!


This year Adventures in Opinions began using a new logo and registered two domain names. The first,, is no longer used but still redirects to the site. The second, primary, domain ( was registered on the 19th of December (UTC).

Earlier this year, a new logo was designed. However, a slightly modified logo will be used this coming year. To see the 2019-2020 logo (as well as the statistics from the first year of the blog), you can go to the 1 Year Anniversary post.

That’s all for now. Happy New Year, and here’s to another great year for Adventures in Opinions!