Since The Lost One is coming out earlier on the Club, actually tomorrow by the time I’m writing this, I’m going to be posting my predictions for this two-parter before I write my predictions for the entirety of Album 72.

My main prediction is that Olivia will end up still a Christian. I believe this must be the case partly because they’re releasing the episodes early. The reason that they are releasing the episode(s) early is because of concern for Olivia from Club members. This leads me to conclude that she will not leave the faith.

I’ll write a tentative summary:

As Olivia continues to question her faith, a friend leads her to begin to question whether Mr. Whittaker’s agenda is everything he says it is or if it’s actually devious propaganda. Meanwhile, Eva turns to a trustworthy friend to seek advice on how to help her daughter.

The Lost One, Parts 1 & 2

In part two, I’m guessing that everything will come to a climax before Olivia coming back to her parents and/or Whit. My only other prediction, that I can think of right now, is that her “friend” will be Leonid Sepanov, the Russian philosopher she researched and began talking to in her head in Triple-Decker Sundae. However, I’m hoping that it won’t be him. As you’ll know if you listened to episode 001 of my podcast with John Tuttle III (linked previously and here again for your convenience:, I didn’t like the creative choice of having Olivia talking to Leonid. That’s why I hope that I’m wrong about this prediction and she’s actually talking to a real person. Maybe it’ll be Ms. Adelaide, but if they do choose here I hope that they don’t paint her as evil and wanting to send Olivia down the wrong track spiritually and keep the character development that she had at the end of The Ties that Bind and in Higher Than Our Ways.

Well, with a few hours to the release of part 1, I’m going to publish this short post. Leave your predictions in the comments to be able to say “told you so” later!