There aren’t many Adventures in Odyssey YouTube channels, at least not many that are still putting out videos, but here are a few (in no particular order) both old and binge-worthy and new and subscription-worthy. I’ll start with the channels that are still releasing content.

  • At My Whit’s End is the channel that releases content the most often currently. The channel has both lip-sync videos and the most recent video is about going to the real Whit’s End in Colorado Springs.
  • Odd-U-See released a video eleven months ago, winning second place in most recent video (of the channels that I looked at and are in this list)

Next I want to look at some of the older channels that don’t release videos any more.

  • The Odyssey Geek YouTube channel is Austin Peachy’s previous project (before the podcast) and showcases mostly reviews of Adventures in Odyssey episodes. I haven’t actually watched much of any of the videos on Austin’s channel, but I’m a big fan of his podcast so you should definitely go check that out at
  • The AIO Update channel has one of the most viewed Adventures in Odyssey videos on all of YouTube, titled How old are the characters? (Common Questions about Adventures in Odyssey). The channel also features similar Q&A style videos as well as some behind the scenes videos about the production of Odyssey.

  • Adventures in Odyssey Official is AIO‘s official channel. On the channel, video editions of The Avery Awards as well as behind the scenes videos are uploaded. The most recent video was uploaded over a year ago, on May 22, 2020.
  • I’ve saved the most well-known channel for the end. Adventures in Editing is [or was, back in its time 😦 ] the most popular Odyssey channel on YouTube by both subscriber count (other than the Official chanel) and average video view count. On March 20th, 2010 the first video was uploaded.
  • As Kevin McCreary was a friend of the creator of Adventures in Editing (soure: The Inner Tube), I thought I’d mention his channel next. His channel, simply called Kevin McCreary, was used to upload several videos for The Ceiling Fan podcast. The famed Communicate music video was uploaded to this channel.
  • His other channel, Say Goodnight Kevin, only gets an honourable mention on this list because it doesn’t have much AIO content. He’s uploaded a couple of Adventures in Odyssey reviews, and recently did a game-play of an Odyssey video game.

If anyone knows of more Adventures in Odyssey YouTube channels that aren’t simply uploading whole episodes of Odyssey or clips from the videos, let me know in the comments! I’d love to subscribe to some more AIO channels, especially if they’re currently releasing content.