• Your car has a radio, CD player, and AUX input
  • Some people have bookshelves, you’ve also got a CD shelf
  • The name Washington brings to mind Ed, Elaine, Marvin, and Tamika rather than just the “George” of normal people
  • Kim Hong-Soon is an alias for Kim Jong-Un
  • You make references that most of your friends don’t understand
  • You’ve ever said “Is all of that… goood?” in a conversation
  • You’ve mentioned “Operation Think Tank” in a conversation
  • You know that there are always exactly eleven points in a You Might be an AIO Fan If… post (this is the eleventh such post, by the way!)
  • You make “Whit” puns
  • You enjoy an occasional road trip and
  • Vacation is nothing without the ride

We’re up to 16 now.

Comment if you got that reference.