If you don’t know what I do in these posts, I just write down slightly convoluted notes while listening to the podcast episode and post them up here with hardly any editing or research (well, sometimes research but nothing like my bigger posts). Here’s my response to episode 125 of the WODFAMCHOCPOD.

Kathryn Lynch is probably a FOTF employee if she doesn’t have any other credits, or she’s a spouse/relative of an employee.

Good to keep it professional with the attempts by Dylan to stop Andrew’s knee slapping. : -D

Yeah lots of people have commented on the artwork–the scene depicted never actually happened in an episode.

“if you’re listening and are not an adult, first off why?” I agree in that I would probably recommend that listeners be at least 14 or 15 before listening to the WODFAMCHOCPOD.

“chummy”–interesting, but fitting word choice. : -D

probably some direction error with the way those lines were said to Polehouse

Interesting, I never knew about the Perry White reference.

I didn’t notice any engine in the background of Andrew and Dylan’s recording, however I was listening in a noisy environment myself.

I want to hear the story about Andrew’s grandfather at his birthday party–Patreon exclusive? : -D

And now buck and Jay go to high school together (Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off)– I wonder if Jay ever explained what he was doing with the truck to Buck.

I never caught that Barrymore train joke–but I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life so I didn’t know about Lionel Barrymore.

The Israelites did more than one good deed per summer.

Morality and legality are very different things, and Andrew uses the terms interchangeably. As Christians we should (from my current understanding of the Bible) follow the law wherever it doesn’t contradict God’s Word

Interesting paralleling of morality and legality in the GRC and TRR. Morrie may not have broken any laws, but he was morally wrong.

I agree that it’s very easy to notice people following in a car.

Yes, there is a Cookies by Constance but it’s actually called Cookies by Connie.

AIO should really put advertisements for fan content in the KYDS Radio commercials. *a few seconds later after reconsidering my life* Maybe it would take you out of the story too much though.

You already plugged your review of Stranger Things.

I think I put Andrew first in my review too. Thinking of that, I need to update my iTunes reviews of Adventures into Odyssey and The Raspberry Ripple Podcast.

I feel like giving a mean review with five stars just to hear your response. And you didn’t read my whole, five star review on the show (though you did talk about it).

Whatever happened to Nathan (Haverstick)’s outros? They’ve been missing throughout your reviews of the Green Ring Conspiracy (GRC).