I thought I’d start a new kind of short-from Fan Content Reviews, responding to a specific episode (or episodes) of a podcast. They’ll consist of short, random notes I took while listening to the podcast episode Here’s my first one, a response to 123 – The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 3 by Andrew Acebo and Dylan Weaver:

  • An arc with Connie going into a career in counselling certainly would be interesting to me.
  • Drug Reference: Dylan accidentally calls the character Lou Ross, head of security at Odyssey General Hospital, “Lou Reed” and Andrew jokes that Lou Reed would only be at the hospital to steal drugs.
    After further research, I found Lewis Allan Reed to have been an American singer and songwriter who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1942 and died in 2013. He had a reputation for hanging around bars and drug areas, and wrote a book with the subtitle of “Learning How to Die“.
  • Interesting about the Radio Theater Oliver Twist tie-in. I knew that they had produced an audio drama of Oliver Twist, but never realized it came out alongside The Green Ring Conspiracy.
  • Also interesting to imagine what Connie’s memory of rabbits caused her to draw it with fangs
  • Good point about Buck saying “the cop named Polehouse” (italicisation added). Why would he say that when Mr. Skint already knew that Polehouse was a cop? Maybe it’s a leftover from a different version of the script, or it was intentionally added for exposition.
  • I get how you’re poking fun at people worried about microchips in vaccines, but it came off a bit weird when you did your whole “bit” (as you like to call them) on having matching chips which allowed you to communicate telepathically.
  • “There’s Novacom in my DNA” — interesting transition to plugging the action of getting vaccinated (presumably against the relatively new coronavirus). I also appreciate how you validated people’s concerns about vaccines, while also mostly approving of vaccination in general. It’s not often these days that you’ll find media that isn’t completely polarized, unaccepting of the other side’s views. Usually people are either extremely pro-vaccines or extreme anti-vaccers, often thinking of the people who agree with the other side as “evil” because they’re endangering themselves/the world, depending on which side they are on. I’m not going to give an official statement of what side I’m on (in fact, I don’t think I align myself with one side or the other completely), but I appreciate how you approached the subject. You advocated what you believed was right, while respecting other people’s opinions without coming off extremely pushy. That’s hard to do these days, and I appreciate it!


I took one note on the next episode of the WODFAMCHOCPOD, 124 – The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 4 and, since it doesn’t deserve it’s own post, thought I’d put it here.

  • You got Phil Lollar and Paul McCusker mixed up again, though this time you didn’t correct yourselves so I’m doing it for you ;). Phillip Glossman is voiced by Paul McCusker, not Phil Lollar despite Phil and Phillip’s related first names.