You might be an AIO fan if

  • the year 1987 has special significance in your mind
  • you have the font “House Movements” installed on your computer
  • you keep a notebook just for jotting stuff about AIO (such as episode review notes) down
  • the pitch change of -4.5 semitones is very familiar (Hint: ASE)
  • those squawking chicken toys are eerie; especially if they’re named Henny
  • you’re subscribed to 23 podcasts, some of which no longer release episodes and last released an episode in 2016
  • you still use CDs, and have used cassettes in the past
  • you sometimes wish cats were extinct — and no, I’m not an animal hater
  • you’ve ever said, “well paint me red and call me a barn”
  • you have a folder of sound effects on your computer
  • you thought of Novacom back during the toilet paper buying trends

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