Not everyone is excited when a surprise guest shows up for the Bassett-Wise holiday retreat at Trickle Lake.


I was just looking through my notebook, and I saw that I had written a little about If I Never Told You as I was listening to it for the first time. Here it is, edited a little bit:

A new Chris intro

The Wise parents are coming in a 1:00 flight. As a surprise for Frank and Eleanor, Penny has also invited her forgotten aunt. Wooton and Penny rented a cabin at Trickle Lake for them all to stay in.

There’s a big storm coming.

When Penny’s aunt and parents arrive, we find out that Wooton already knew Penny’s aunt as an actress from his hometown in Alaska. Eleanor says that it’s such a surprise to see Beatrice, the aunt’s name. Aunt Beatrice asks Penny to caller her Tricy, instead of “Aunt Beatrice”. Eleanor doesn’t want to stay in the same cabin as Beatrice, and seems not to like Beatrice very much. She wants to rent another cabin. Frank asks Penny what they’re planning to do, and Penny asks to talk with Eleanor but but Eleanor doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on between Eleanor and her sister, Beatrice.

Apparently the Bassetts have high dentist bills.

Later, Beatrice mentions that she’s become a Christian. They go out to the lake to skate. Eleanor, however, doesn’t want to skate. She says she’ll feel better after her and Frank settle in their hotel room. Penny, not having heard Eleanor’s discussions with Frank about not wanting to stay in the same cabin as Beatrice, is shocked.



Penny asks why Eleanor is upset with Tricy, but Wooton and Tricy come in saying that they’ve booked a sleigh ride. Eleanor says that she’ll stay at the cabin. Frank asks if he should stay with her, but she says

“No. I’d rather sulk alone.”


The others come back early, and inform Eleanor that Penny broke her ankle. She slipped on the path to the lodge, where the sleigh was going to be, and caused Tricy and Wooton to fall as well. Wooton fell on top of Penny, and it was “your typical three-car pile up”. Tricy and Eleanor get into a fight, and Penny says that she needs some quiet time.

Later, Penny has just finished making hot chocolate with Wooton. We find out that Wooton’s Mac and Cheese recipe went viral on the internet. Penny wants to have a slumber party in the cabin, and so they do.

That night, during the slumber party they play the game ‘I Remember’, where they take turns telling their favourite Christmas memories. Wooton goes first, then Tricy. It’s Eleanor’s turn, and her favourite Christmas was the Christmas when she was fifteen. We find out that Frank’s full name is Franklin. Eleanor and Tricy get in a fight again, resulting in Tricy leaving the cabin. Frank and Wooton find her trying to walk to the lodge.

“I don’t think there are any polar bears near Trickle Lake.”


Tricy wants to leave the next day on a flight back to Alaska. Eleanor, however, asks Tricy to stay and she agrees. In the next scene Frank has just finished telling a favourite Christmas story. We also find out that Eleanor can juggle.

In the wrap-up, Chris says that we need to take our wounds to God and forgive the wounders, like Eleanor forgave Beatrice. This was Abigal Gaiger‘s second episode.

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