You asked for it, Gabriel, and here it is. Enjoy!

After Connie left with a full tank of gas in her , Richard could get back to his “investigating”, as he had described it to Connie. He walked back into the warehouse, carefully closing the door behind him. He went back to the far right corner of the warehouse, where he had noticed something before hearing Connie’s car stop outside. Sure enough, there was something metal on the otherwise dust-covered concrete floor. He dwindled the area of the metal object covered in dust by kicking it off with his foot. Richard knelt down to look closer. It looked like an old trapdoor! Each side was about half a meter long, making it a square. He searched the edges of the metal with his fingers, looking for a handle, or some place to grasp the trapdoor. Finally, he found a handhold near the middle of the trapdoor. He pulled, and it lifted with surprising ease. He shined his light down and saw some rusty old stairs leading down to a small room that looked like it continued with a tunnel. He dwelt on whether or not to go down alone. He decided to go down, look around the small room, and see how long the tunnel went. He climbed down the stairs and inspected the dirt room; he found it to be empty. Then he moved down to the entrance to the tunnel and shined the light down it. The tunnel went on indefinitely, so he went back up the stairs to decide what to do next. Deciding to phone for backup, Richard stepped outside because he couldn’t get cellular service inside the warehouse. He called Whit and told him about the trapdoor and tunnel. “I’m going to go back in and check out the tunnel closer up.” He turned to go back to the entrance, but noticed a child, probably a boy, walking down the alley. Richard stopped, not wanting unnecessary questions from the boy about the warehouse. As the figure approached, Richard realized that he was not a young boy at all, but a dwarf of a man. The man wore a police uniform, and showed Richard a police badge. He then asked Richard if he had been in the warehouse. Richard said that he had. The policeman casually handcuffed Richard and told him he was under arrest for disrupting government property.

As a challenge, I included the only universal, modern, and formal words in the English dictionary that start with the letters “dw”. If you didn’t catch them, they were “dwarf”, “dwell”, and “dwindle”.