A podcast about Adventures in Odyssey, faith, and family fun from the perspective of two twin-like sisters.

Official Description


The Raspberry Ripple Podcast is a podcast hosted by two “twin-like” (as they write in their podcast description) sisters. Grace is the older, college-aged sister and Heaven is her younger sister. After seeing that a lot of the Adventures in Odyssey fan podcasts and blogs were dying, Grace and Heaven decided to start their own podcast and released their first episode on the 29th of April, 2019. After wrapping up Season One of their podcast with twenty episodes, they’ve continued with six more episodes in Season Two as of the 23rd of March, 2021. Their podcast consists of interviews, episode reviews, and random discussions about AIO. Grace and Heaven’s interviews with actor Atticus Shaffer have become a staple of the show’s second season, and are my favourite episodes.

Positive Elements

While most Odyssey fan content centres around news or reviews, The Raspberry Ripple features vivid and entertaining discussions connected to AIO. For example, they have had episodes speculating about the future of Odyssey, imagine what they would do if they had a day in Odyssey, discuss their favourite characters, and much, much, more. Their interviews are another highlight of the podcast. Grace and Heaven ask excellent questions of their interviewees (including Atticus Shaffer and Katie Leigh), and gain authentic relationships with their guests, affectionately calling Atticus their “brother from a different mother”. Speaking of authentic relationships, the banter between the two sisters on the normal episodes is equally entertaining. The Raspberry Ripple provides a refreshing change from all of the other AIO podcasts which focus mostly on news and breaking down the storytelling aspects of an episode.

Spiritual Elements

Grace and Heaven talk about aspects of Christianity throughout the different episodes of the podcast. They tend to get deeper into Christianity whenever they have Atticus Shaffer on, and their discussions are always positive from my experience.


As far as the sisters go, no foul language comes out of their mouths. However, I did notice Atticus Shaffer saying something a little bit indistinguishable. It sounded like it was either “oh my gosh” or “oh my God”; either way if you are sensitive to that kind of language maybe stay away from the interview episodes, though, in my opinion, the interviews are the best episodes by other standards.


My last few words in this review will be encouraging you to support Grace and Heaven by listening to their podcast. It is one of the best Odyssey podcasts currently active, and is unique. The Raspberry Ripple’s first interview with Atticus Shaffer easily secured first place in my list of the Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2020. A fun, casual, atmosphere that feels like stopping by a friend’s house to eat a bowl of ice cream ensures that I highly recommend this podcast to you.


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