This is my first fan fiction, so it’s not very good. I wrote it in a few minutes and thought I might as well post it on here in case you guys would enjoy it.

Stewart Reed Barclay is celebrating his first birthday today. Mary, Stuart’s mother, made a chocolate cake for dessert. When lunch is over, Jimmy, Stewart’s older brother, goes into the kitchen to get out the cake. The cake has one big candle in the centre, and Stewart eyes the chocolate frosting hungrily. His father cuts the cake into ten pieces. Jimmy tries to grab a piece, but Donna, his older sister, stops him. She insists that Stewart should get the first piece, because it’s his birthday. Their father, George, gives Stewart a piece. Mary has their camera pointed at Stewart in his high chair. She wants to capture a video of him eating his first piece of birthday cake. In the video, he dove into the cake with the guise of a glutton. Jimmy laughed, “He looks like he hasn’t eaten in years!” Donna replied, “Don’t be so histrionic, Jimmy! He’s only one year old!” Jimmy opened his mouth to reply, but Mary shushed him. Stewart continued to eat, with only half of the cake making its way into his mouth. The rest ended up in his hair, all over his face, on the floor, and in his shirt. When he had finished the cake he asked, with frosting covering his face, for a second piece. “First eat what’s left on your face,” said George. Everyone, including Stewart laughed.