One year ago, on December 31st GMT I published my first post. Since then my blog has grown a lot; my first follower (GabrielMatthew) subscribing to Adventures in Opinions on January 20th this year. Here’s list of everyone who has followed this blog in 2020:


  • GabrielMatthew
  • Raegan
  • Gracie M
  • Michael LaFaver
  • Riley Davison
  • amecily
  • profumato1
  • theperilouspen13
  • Hattush
  • Gianna
  • JulesKendall
  • Joshua

I’ll continue with some more stats. People from eighteen countries have visited my blog and how many views from each country.


Graphical representation generated by
  • United States (3,252)
  • Canada (273)
  • Thailand (65)
  • South Africa (49)
  • Japan (40)
  • India (38)
  • Philippines (37)
  • Spain (28)
  • Vietnam (14)
  • United Kingdom (13)
  • Australia (10)
  • Ukraine (4)
  • Finland (3)
  • The Netherlands (3)
  • New Zealand (2)
  • Ireland (1)
  • Taiwan (1)
  • Italy (1)

Top 10 Posts

My top ten most popular posts by views:

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  9. Update from Nathan Hoobler
  10. The Raging Question


Searches that have landed people on “rydell saga” gave me four views and the rest one.

  • rydell saga
  • adventures in odyssey fan
  • morrie rydell saga focus on the family
  • morri aio
  • amazon
  • adventures in odyssey rydell revelations

Now, to wrap up this quick post, I’ll give an overview of what might be to come in the near future. Some upcoming posts include You Might be an AIO Fan If… 4 which will be releasing January 2nd at 6:30 AM GMT. I hope to write more fan content reviews as well as maybe some more episode reviews (in a new format). I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but there might be a book review coming up as well. Anyway, that’s all for now. Happy New Year!