There’ something wrong with my rubric right now and the number is coming out slightly skewed. If you find the problem you can feel free to let me know.

Story – Chris brings us straight back to Jimmy’s journal. The stranger comes up and asks if he can take a look at the Barclay’s car. The problem seems to be the gas pump. The stranger’s name was Chester, and he walked with George to his shop.  They went to get his tow truck and he invites them over to his house. They can even stay there if they want to. They arrive at Chester’s house and his wife, Grace won’t let Mary help her in the kitchen but gets Donna to help. Ted, their son, and Jimmy go out to the back porch and sweep it. When they’re finished Ted invites Jimmy to play David with him. They go out to a hideout in the woods behind the house and play there. Then they get called in for dinner. 

Chester invites George to go fishing. Jimmy likes the vacation that they’re having. Jimmy got to sleep on the floor in Ted’s room and they talked and talked for a long time. When he has to get up early to milk the cow like he agreed to, he’s tired. When George and Chester came back they hadn’t caught any fish, but had lost a few. In Sunday school they are talking about Noah and the forty days of rain. They brought lots of animals into the Sunday school classroom to help them imagine what it was like on the ark with lots of animals. After the service at the picnic, Jimmy says that Donna was the only one who wasn’t having a good time. Mary sits down and talks to Donna. She thinks that Donna is homesick for Odyssey and goes to play the egg toss with Jimmy. After they lose, Jimmy brings Whit’s Boredom Buster to Donna. She thinks that it’s some sort of trick until she opens it up. It says “try to turn this on” on a tag. She thinks it will be easy. It wasn’t. After more than an hour she finally gets it to work. The AIO theme plays behind a recording of Whit. 

Donna agrees to play the tug-of-war. When Donna fell in the mud everyone stopped, thinking she would be mad but she wiped the mud off her face and laughed. The next morning, Chester got the fuel pump in real fast

“in spite of Dad’s help”

Jimmy Barclay

They say their good-byes to Chester, Grace, and Ted. They leave and Donna finds that she left her player at Chester’s house, but she says that she doesn’t need it anymore.

Moral – Chris says that the lesson is that “what we get out of something often depends on what we put into it”.

Acting – Chester is played by Dave Madden, so he sounds like Bernard.

Believability – Nowadays it strikes me as a little bit of an anomaly for someone to invite strangers to sleep in their house, like Chester did.

Sound design – The sound design did it’s job in this episode. I didn’t notice anything specifically excellent or very annoying.

If you’ve read this far, I’ve got a small announcement for you. Next week I hope to have a review of the podcast “Adventures into Odyssey” out, so stay on the lookout for that!