Wow. Wow!

OK, so there is definitely something MUCH bigger behind Morrie and Suzu. Why else would Suzu’s room have been “trashed”, as Emily described it? Why else would Suzu have been so worried sounding. Unless her brother is scary to her, which seems even scarier to me. I’m definitely going to be forming opinions and theories over the next weeks until parts 2 and 3 release, so stay tuned. For now, this is all I have time for.

P.S. It seems like Morrie and Suzu actually WERE bad? My theory was that Morrie was just trying to bring out good in people, do good, and find the meaning of good. So that’s not likely anymore. But then there are the “complicated” things that both Suzu and Morrie describe. It probably has to do with whoever’s behind them, who is somehow forcing them to do these things.