I’ve taken this preview/teaser from the following image, which was posted on Abigail Geiger’s blog and features page 20 of the script of episode #901 of AIO, For a Song. If you can make out some more things or have corrections to make, put them in the comments!

Scene 8 – Inside the Odyssey High School, in the hallway

Jules storms up to Valerie, who is outside her locker.

Jules: Valerie!

Valerie: Jules! What brings you to my unworthy locker this afternoon?

Jules: You stole my phone!

Valerie: Don’t be a drama queen. Madison found it in the lunchroom a few hours ago.

Jules: And you set up a fake page on Facebase to make it look like I was blabbing on my fans!

Valerie: <gasps> You mean that wasn’t you? I figured since you put links up on your music page that —

Jules: I didn’t put any links on my page! You did that by using my password <indistinguishable> how did you even get into my phone?

Valerie: Oh, Jules. Everyone knows your passwords. You really should be more careful with your private <indistinguishable>

Jules: Give it <indistinguishable>

Valerie: Of course. <indistinguishable, probably “here”> you <indistinguishable, probably “go.”>

Valerie hands Jules her phone.

Jules: I know you. It can’t <indistinguishable, looks like “be that angry”> What, did you <indistinguishable> everything on

End of teaser

This teaser was taken from Page 20 of Abigail Geiger’s script, For a Song.