Story – The episode starts off with a Chris intro, then a short sketch about a gaudy hat. Chris tells about the problems that lies cause before the episode!

It’s a quiet day at Whit’s End. Connie is talking on the phone to her friend Debbie about going to a concert that her mom doesn’t want her to go to. Whit gives Connie some time off for that afternoon. Whit takes out a box of books to catalogue. One of these books is The Tangled Web, and Connie reads it. It is about a boy named Jeremy.

Jeremy doesn’t want to eat his oatmeal for breakfast. He doesn’t want to go get flour for his mom because he wants to go to Whit’s End (Whit put Whit’s End in his book!). Mr. Whittaker is apparently handing out free ice cream and has a display about a movie camera. Jeremy wants to see the display and eat some ice cream, so he stops at Whit’s End. He lost the money somewhere along the way, so can’t buy flour at Gentry’s Market. He tells his mother that someone took it from him – a teenager.

He then adds to the story saying that he tried to stop him, but he couldn’t. Jeremy’s mother tells her husband about it. His dad tells a teacher, and then the story passes on to the school board and then the police. Their neighbor comes over to try to help before the police come by. The neighbor is quite similar in character to Officer Harley or Harlow Doyle. He says that the mayor even knows about how a brave young man fought off an attacker to buy his mother some flowers. The mayor and the Chief of Police give speeches. He is given an award.

After a while the police stopped looking for this attacker. Soon everyone else forgot about it – everyone but Jeremy. Connie doesn’t like it that he got away with his lies, but Whit says that he doesn’t think that Jeremy really got away with it. The memory stuck in his mind the rest of his life. Whit then figures everything out – how Connie lied to Whit about going to sleep over at Debbie’s house because she didn’t want her mom to find out about it. Whit tells her to do what she thinks is right and leaves her. The episode ends with Connie calling her mom (and then, of course, a Chris outro).

Humour – I feel a little bad giving humour a zero just because there wasn’t any, but that’s what I did.

Moral – Don’t lie. This is a common moral, and should be common sense. Nothing really new or especially good they’re addressing here.

Acting – Jeremy’s mom sounds young (no problem, just a note)

Believability – Yes, it is very believable. Someone could easily read a book and learn a lesson from it. The believability of the story within the story (the book) is different, though. It seems unlikely that Jeremy would have gone all that time not telling anyone about his lie, but I guess that was the point of the story (that he “got away with it”).