Story – Tom asks if Whit is excited. He says that he is, because he hasn’t seen his grandson in a very long time. They discuss Jana’s divorce, Monty, and Jennifer. Tom says that Monty can be a Coyote. Monty walks up and says,

“Hi Grandpa.”

Monty Whittaker

Monty brought movies and is disappointed that Whit doesn’t have a VCR. He tells Whit that he wants to be a movie director some day. In the car Tom ask Monty if he would like to be an outfielder and he says he’ll think about it.

“That kid is about the finest loser I’ve ever seen!”

Tom Riley, talking about Heather who is a good sport

Monty wants to go out to eat because Whit has frozen pizza. Whit notes that Monty doesn’t have a stomach for frozen pizza and salad, but he can sure put away the brownies. He wants to eat more brownies when Whit said he couldn’t have more. Whit gets a call that Monty left a jacket with $100 in the pocket in the Los Angeles airport.

The next day, they’re at Whit’s End. Whit says that Monty has to work for his allowance. He says he’ll pay him $3 to do a little sweeping and throw out some cardboard boxes.

“Stupid boxes! I won’t get to do anything this summer!”

Monty Whittaker

Monty calls his mother to come get him. She says that she can only come next week. He then steals $5 from the cash register to go to the movies. Whit spanks him, and then tells him a story about a boy and a dog. Monty says that he’ll try to do better.

Tom and Whit are arguing about a cake. Tom put the cake upside down on the seat in his car, and the icing got messed up. Whit tried to fix it. He finally re-writes “Coyotes” on top of the cake. Monty’s mom gets to the party and he doesn’t want to go. He says that Whit loves him more. Monty tells this to Whit, and Whit goes to talk to Jana. Part 1 ends.

“What have you done to my son!”


Humour – Not much for humour in this episode, though that part with Tom and the cake was pretty good.

Moral – This isn’t a commonly addressed problem, and was done pretty well in this episode.

Sound design – I would have liked sound effects during Whit’s story of the boy and his puppy. Maybe they knew what they were doing, and adding SFX would have changed the feel of the scene too much.

MusicFamily Portraits intro music is used after the Whit intro.

Conclusion – I actually really liked this episode, and look forward to reviewing Part 2!