• you read The Gifts of the Maji just to see how accurate Gifts for Madge and Guy is.
  • the top results in your search bar when you type “a” are:
  • you get strange looks when people ask you what song you’re listening to and you say it’s not a song but “an audio drama called Adventures in Odyssey.”
  • when someone mentions the name “Clara” your eyes well up with tears.
  • when someone asks you if you would like a muffin you can’t help but think about Arthur Dent
  • whenever people talk about applesauce you think of a computer program
  • a ceiling fan is a podcast in your mind
  • if you’ve ever said indubitably
  • you’re more afraid of mind control than any horror movie you’ve ever seen. And you’re 22.
  • you wish I had time to make more of these. Maybe I’ll make another post of them someday.
  • when you read The Pilgrim’s Progress you read the first few sentences aloud to see if Tom really should have needed to stumble over the words
  • Speaking of authors: You might be an Adventures in Odyssey fan if you’ve read several Robert Louis Stevenson books because Whit enjoys them

That’s all. If you have any others, then let me know in the comments or on Twitter @jay_smouse.