Theory II

The Blackgaard Chronicles books have revealed a lot about our favorite villain. Besides backstory and more detail on his nefarious schemes they have also given me evidence that Dr. Regis Blackgaard is still alive. In the latest installment as of the writing of this post, Rook’s Ruse, Regis was finding his way through a series of tunnels under Odyssey.

One of these tunnels leads to the Whit’s End tunnel. That’s right, the same tunnel where Dr. Blackgaard set off the explosives in The Final Conflict. They did not find his body after the explosion, or at least we don’t hear about it. Why would Blackgaard set off explosives on himself like that? Well, he knew about all of the tunnels. The explosion sent him through a thin wall into another tunnel. The hole he was hurtled through was filled in by rocks and dirt from the explosion.

I’m not saying Blackgaard is necessarily still alive today or behind the Rydell Saga, but he definitely could have (and probably did) survive the explosion to die or be arrested while working on some other plan to take over the world. Novacom? Maybe. You decide and let me know what you think of this theory in the comments!