I named this Theory I because I think I’ll probably be making more theorie posts later.

  1. Blackgaard as a Computer Program

Dr. Regis Blackgaard – How he Could Logically be Behind Novacom

I know what you’re thinking. Blackgaard was dead. Completely. No chance he’d come back. I know. I’ve listened to all the podcasts and bonus features about it too. Just stay with me here. Dr. Blackgaard was able to put himself into an Imagination Station program. What would stop him from making copies of that on some other hard drive(s)?

 “You fool.You understand now? I don’t need your God. I’ve come up with my own way to have eternal life!” <Slow, strained voice> “Wait—wait… something is… wrong. This… isn’t what’s supposed… to… happen. What’s… going… on?”

Regis Blackgaard

He could have given instruction on how to complete his scheme with the Ruku virus and a backup plan – mind control. He knew about Applesauce and the Imagination Stations capabilities far better than any other villain. He could have been the mastermind behind how to turn the IS tech into a mind control device. This brings us back to the latest installment in the Adventures in Odyssey series: Further from the Truth. In it, a box of Imagination Station technology sitting in the same room as Emily caused her to go on and “adventure” created by a villain. Reminding anyone of Novacom and Blackgaard’s Revenge, Parts 1 & 2?

Anyway, let’s get a little more into it. I don’t have as much evidence for Blackgaard being behind Novacom, but he could have been the Chairman. What I do have evidence for, however, is that he could be behind Morrie. In The Key Suspect we don’t know who he’s typing to. It could be Blackgaard. It could be someone we’ve never seen. It could be a journal he’s keeping. The hard evidence I’ve got (so far) for him being a part of the Rydell saga, however is this:

Aubrey Shepard: “You’re just a computer program.”

Regis Blackgaard: “Ah, but I’m a program that knows the truth. What is that saying? The truth shall set you free. I want to set you free, Aubrey.”

Blackgaard’s Revenge, Part 1

I don’t think I need to state the obvious. Okay, I will, just in case anyone who isn’t a member of the AIO Club (or for some reason hasn’t listened to it – LISTEN TO IT) is reading this. Near the end of the Imagination Station program Emily starts figuring out how to get out of the program. She says this:

“The truth will set you free.”

Emily (Further from the Truth)

Is it a coincidence that in two episodes where someone is being kept in the Imagination Station against their will by a villain in a villain-made program someone says that “the truth will (or shall) set you free?” I don’t think so. Anyway, that’s the end of part one of my first theories post. I might update this later to include more parts (like how Blackgaard could have survived).