Story – Chris is waiting for her friend Phil. The Whit intro plays. Chris calls Phil. He’s tired but remembers that he promised to bring her bowling. Phil says he’s sorry. Chris talks about making promises.

Connie is writing a letter to Marcie in California. She says that she’s been quite busy and her mom gets weird sometimes. She’s gotten a dog called Kitty. She explains that she is working at a place called Whit’s End. The name almost makes sense, she says. Connie says he’s sometimes a little slow.

Tom asks if Whit has anything planned.

“I plan to spend the evening with a cup of hot cocoa and Robert Louis Stevenson”


John Avery Whittaker is like no one I’ve ever met, especially in California. “All the kids in town think he’s great.” He makes Whit’s End a fun place to work. She says she enjoys working for him because he really listens. There’s something about him that makes you want to open up to him. He takes being a Christian very seriously, she writes.

When we cut to a scene with a conversation between Connie and Whit Chris is the announcer on a radio. They are talking about people’s natures. Connie thinks everyone is good deep down inside, but Whit says that that’s not the case. Connie thinks that people can change if they just put their minds to it. Connie says that she’ll prove him wrong:

“I hereby promise to treat everyone I meet with kindness, gentleness, and patience from now on.”

Signed, Connie Kendall

They change the promise to say that she must be patient for four weeks. Right away she has trouble with being patient with a customer. She noticed that people were a lot nicer to her. But then came trouble. She was sitting in the Inventor’s Corner where Whit was reading riddles to the kids. He tells Connie to read one. She says it’s easy. She gets really annoyed with them because they couldn’t figure it out. She realizes that she called them “so dense” and runs off.

She continues writing saying that when she first got to Odyssey she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She says that now she is starting to like Odyssey better. Connie signs off. Phil arrives after Chris waited half an hour for him.

Acting – Chris did a good job being the radio announcer.

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