Story – The story was pretty good. The Chris intros and outros when she has her own storyline are really good, in my opinion. I don’t have much else to say about the story in general, so I’ll move on.

Humour – It tried to be funny quite frequently, and usually succeeded to make me smile on the inside. It had no exemplary moments in the humour department, though. I did enjoy Hal Smith’s laugh.

Moral – The moral was relevant and was given in a good way. Of course it wasn’t a repeated moral (since this is the first official episode).

Acting – It doesn’t take much to please me in the acting department. Whit’s original voice was done extremely well by Hal Smith. On a tangent, I’ve noticed that the first two voices of Whit sound a lot more alike than Andre Stojka.

Goofs – I didn’t notice any. If you did, let me know in the comments.

Continuity – This episode didn’t have to agree with any previous episodes, since there weren’t any previous episodes.

Characters – Whit and Davy were pretty well fleshed-out. I liked Davy, and wish he could have been a recurring character.

Believability – Very much believable, especially when compared to the Novacom saga.

Sound design – I noticed that the birds in the outside scene with Whit and Davy sounded like tropical birds, and thought that was strange. I liked the comical sounds that Whit’s Flop / the pizza maker made.

Music – Ah, that good ol’ theme! At one point I thought the music was the machine running.